"Xi-yun Zhang"

Origin: Taiwan/Japan


OCCUPATION:    Red Autumn.Inc assassin+ bodyguard
FIGHTING STYLE:  Chainsaw Bajiquan

Xi-yun zhang is the daughter of a Taiwanese affiliate in the Blue lotus zaibatsu and her mother a Japanese, Red Autumn.Inc affiliate.  Xi-yun was born from this forbidden love between the clan partners and was shunned as a result. Xi yun's father Mr. Zhang although a foreigner in these lands was a well respected figure amongst the clan. Often responsible for mediating between clans and settling heated political debates without blood shed. However Mr. Zhang's involvement became a cause for concern for The Blue Lotus as news of this Foreign ambassador becoming a figure head amongst the clan  reached all of Japan. This was considered the ultimate disgrace, thus Mr.Zhang and his wife were consequentially assassinated, with permission granted from the Blue lotus Elders. During the Zhang massacre Xi-yun was able to kill 3 of the assailants with the only weapon she could find.... A chainsaw.

Although severely injured she managed to flee her home into the sanctuary of Red Autumn Inc. where the Blue lotus had no jurisdiction.  Upon discovering that Blue lotus had murdered a faithful member and long friend of Red Autumn.Inc a decision was made as to whether or not Xi-yun the only surviving Zhang should be granted the power to seek revenge. As she lay dying from the injuries sustained Zhang was granted the power and permission to act alone and avenge her family name. The Clan elders were assembled for the initiation ritual and Noriko Fukasawa, the one in whoms blood flowed the power of a demigod was summoned to grant Xi-yun the gift of vengeance.

 Reborn after her death. As air began to rush into her  lungs she arose with the power and thirst of an ancient blood god. Immortality, agelessness and an eternal bloodlust were hers.  Ms.Fukasawa explained  to Xi-yun the terms of the agreement, that she'd act alone in her path for vengeance and when the deed was done and the blood repaid, Xi-yun would be destroyed to prevent retaliation from rival clans and laid to rest with her family. The family name would be honored and remembered as a faithful friend of Red Xi-yun gladly accepted and methodically began her quest for vengeance.

One by one she hunted down those responsible, crossing their names off her kill-list and adding them to the tally count on her chainsaw.  The name Zhang became feared by many.