"Valentina Vercera"

Origin: Budapest


OCCUPATION:    Vengeful ghost
FIGHTING STYLE:  The final Hym , Hell fire strings

Once a charming young woman from a wealthy family, Valentina was a sensational violinist whose life was turned upside down by the actions of an unfaithful husband. Unable to deal with his betrayal she murdered both her husband and his consort before burning the Vercera family mansion to the ground with their bodies inside. Unable to live with herself for committing such a despicable act she threw herself from a cliff and plummeted into the rocks below where she met her gruesome end.

It is said that when somebody dies harboring immense feelings that these emotions can create a spiritual stain on that place causing the negative energy to manifest itself back into the physical world.....

Many have told stories about a ghastly woman in blue roaming the fields in which the Vercera mansion once stood. The stories depict her as a bringer of death and sorrow
doomed to punish anyone who wonders the fields. They call her Madam Woe the Grieving ghost. .............."Beware the Moths"