Learn the fundamentals of Strides 2 Glory Versus

Note: This is how you should set up your controller to play this game.

Button Actions
double tap forward= forward dash
double tap backwards = back dash
x= left hand
y=right hand
a=left kick
b=right kick
z=EX-trigger charge


Attack Types
High- hits standing and aerial
Mid- hits standing, crouching and aerial
Low-hits standing and crouching not aerial


Down Spike
ability to bounce the opponent off the ground for extended combos)
spike attacks. Only work once during a juggle.

Crush Attacks

A move that attacks whilst having evasive properties for example: A move that strikes "MID" but crouches under HIGH attacks. Or a move that hops over lows by default.

EX-Cancel System
This system requires 1 bar in the super meter and allows you to cancel out of a move immediately upon impact and chain together moves that normally couldn't be comboed. This is done by pressing 2+4 together after

a move have landed.

this system requires 1 bar and allows you to boost the power and range of a specific move whilst intiating super armour. In order to use the EX-TRIGGER you must hold "Z" whilst performing the move. (Not all moves can be EX-Triggered).

Stun Types
nose bleed stun = small advantage frame
jelly legs stun = large advantage frame
impact stun = topples opponent.