"The Major"

Origin: Japan


OCCUPATION:    Major ranking, shin-firefly Operative
FIGHTING STYLE:  Mixed martial arts

Mitsuko yoshida is a bio-engineered human doctored from the DNA of
multiple historically great warriors, Her design allegedly also includes
the DNA of the 16th century, legendary firefly sumiko. A worthy
surrogate mother was than selected to birth the child. This project was
known as "Resistance- sons of the sun" A project orchestrated and funded
by the New house of fireflies in their attempt to secure the Devil's
gate and fight their legendary foe the "Kaiju kyojin". Mitsuko yoshida
inevitably grew into a fine young soldier in peak physical condition,
immune to human sicknesses and possessing superior strength both
mentally and physically to any human.  Some of her other unique talents include  lifting over 5 tons, running up to 130 mph, and surviving in the most extreme conditions with a metabolism that does not slow down since she physically does not age. The Perfect Soldier.