"B-boy Assassin"

Origin: Korea


OCCUPATION:   B-boy Assassin  /  Graffiti artist / political activist
FIGHTING STYLE:  Break Dancing + Taekwondo tT

Kwang-min is a Break dancing Assassin affiliated with the Blue Lotus clan in Korea.  The clan suffered severe backlash after sensitive information was stolen from their databases and their heinous activities made public via the anonymous figure known as Kaonashi/No-face.  This as a result sent businesses and clan partners into conflict. Blaming the man known as No-face for the breakdown of clans, Kwang-min took it upon himself to locate and shutdown Kaonashi and anyone affiliated with him worldwide. Kwang-min began his path for vengeance by killing supporters of the Kaonashi anti-establishment movement, leaving his graffiti-tag and anti-kaonashi symbolism at the scene of each crime.

Those chosen to represent the blue lotus clan are no ordinary people. Kwang has abilities that could be considered supernatural.