"Warrior Mother"

Origin: Mongolia


OCCUPATION:    Former Leader/ captain of The Dragon Wind, Borjigin clan
FIGHTING STYLE:  Variety of arts learned from travelling in the Far East

Khutulun was once a fierce warrior woman and captain of the dragon wind battle ship sailing under the colours of The New House Of Borjigin, a clan believed to be descendants of Genghis Khan. Since Khutulun herself was a direct descendant she was held in high regard. Respected and feared she commanded a fleet of 14 ships and fought many wars eventually earning her the title Ba'atur. Khutulun's captaincy lasted 12 years without defeat until her fate changed.

Whilst sailing on the pacific ocean not far from the ryuku islands Khutulun ventured into a territory untouched by man. She and her crew came across a mysterious island afflicted by electrical anomalies and raging storms seemingly unclaimed by anybody. Abandoned ships both modern world and ancient lay eroding on the shores. Upon exploration of this mysterious island, Khutulun and her crew of 25 (including her 10 year old daughter khulan) would soon  stumble upon an unimaginable horror........A horror in which only Herself and her daughter would live to tell the tale.  Subsequently, Khutulun's captaincy went on for an additional 8 years before handing over the command to her now adult daughter Khulan. Since then, Khutulun never drew her sword again and has never spoken of the events of that fateful day.