"New house of fireflies"

Origin: Japan

LOCATION:    Japan /cost/ sea
Affiliation:  Shin-Hotaru han/ new firefly clan

A Citadel extending from the coast of Japan into the sea. The Citadel contains living assortments, shopping complexes and medical & scientifical research facilities. This is the home of the new house of fireflies. An elite force of soldiers and other specialist personel who are devoted to protecting the nation from threats of the "beyond". The threat in particular being a mysterious electrical field that has shifted in irregular patterns across the seas causing raging storms and tsunamis. This field has been historically listed as "the devil's gate" since the field has been known to pull ships and planes into a parallel world described as "the beyond". 

The fireflies have been carefully monitoring the field and have successful travelled into the beyond and set up docking stations. The teams inside of these docking stations have been given the Title "May Fly unit" since they do not stay alive for long at all.