Title:   House Fukasawa
Affiliation:  Red Autumn

Old clan built after a warlord fell in love with a mysterious entity he discovered on his voyage to find yamitai. The clan was built in homage to her and her children and given the symbol of a sharp toothed hair comb to represent their feminism and brutality. With the assistance of this woman and the children she bore, the clan was easily able to control a large portion of japan throughout the centuries, monopolizing drugs trafficking, prostitution and war trade. The clan present day is a billion dollar enterprise involved in the entertainment industry and many other extracurricular activities.
Title:    House Of The Blue Lotus/ Blue lotus Zaibatsu
Affiliation:  Blue Lotus Zaibatsu

The sister clan of the House fukasawa and the second largest business in Modern Japan. The Clan was started by a warlord in the 16th century who fell in love with a female assassin able to transform into a kaiju kyojin. His assassin won him many battles and secured multiple states under his flags.  They married but she didn't bare the lord any children and instead killed him and took the clan for herself. Over the years The blue lotus clan became fierce rivals of the Fukasawa clan, beasts fighting beasts up until the meiji period in which a consensus to cease the bloodshed was made.
Title:    House Of The Fireflies (16th century)
Affiliation:  fireflies

Mysterious organization working outside of the laws of shogunate states.  Known for leaving cryptic messages with the use of wooden puppets depicting monsters pulling the strings of warlords and other extravagant  anti shogunate state symbolism. This house is responsible for liberating multiple states and repelling evil entities. The clan was wiped out entirely by the kaiju kyojin.

Title:    Kaonashi Outlaws/ No-Face Outlaws
Affiliation:  rebels

Started by a single faceless pseudonymous activist, Kaonashi aka No face is responsible for hijacking TV networks, broadcasts and leaking and exposing sensitive information, stolen from giant co-operations. His actions earned him  worldwide notoriety and the information made public brought businesses to ruins, instigating civil wars between business partners and rivals. Over the years Kaonashi earned supporters and sympathizers causing members of the public to adopt the kaonashi persona and continue his work...often badly.

Title:     New House Of The Fireflies
Affiliation:  Firefly unit/Mayfly unit

An international futuristic clan trying to replicate the ancient ways of the firefly clan through technology. The clan is involved in covert affairs and has resumed it's war with it's ancient enemy. Their primary objective is to monitor the devil's gate. A mysterious electrical field that has shifted in irregular patterns across the seas causing raging storms and tsunamis. This field has been historically named "the devil's gate" as the field has been known to pull ships and planes into a parallel world described as "the beyond". 

The fireflies have been carefully monitoring the field and have successful travelled into the beyond and set up docking stations. The teams inside of these docking stations have been given the Title "May Fly unit" since they do not stay alive for long at all.

Title:     Strides 2 Glory
Affiliation:  Funded by all clans and businesses

An international enterprise game show  hosted by Popular TV-personality and senator Benisatou Oshirou. The S.2.G. games hosts and sanctions no-holds barred fighting tournaments.  The games were initially created to reduce the crime of the overall population giving the  combatants a public platform to vent their frustrations on each other. Criminals and fighters alike have  an opportunity to show the world their worth in exchange for their hearts desires. Freedom, popularity, fame or fortune.  Although the S.2.G games are popular worldwide there are many who oppose it's broadcasting. Those who consider it human cock fighting and inhumane. However behind the scenes lurks an even darker purpose for this blood sport.

Title:     N.P.B / National Police Bureau
Affiliation:  operating worldwide

An international operating police force functioning through multiple networks. This police force consists of both human and biomechanical personel.