Charlotte Layla Sinclair

Origin: USA


OCCUPATION:  Senior  boarding School student, Part-Time Librarian & car washer
FIGHTING STYLE:  KBG Arts (Karate, Ballet, Grappling)

Carlie started learning to fight when she was just nine years of age. A decision made after she was involved in an incident at school resulting in her being badly beaten at the hands of bullies. Fortunately Carlie's high school crush was able to intervene and  drive off the attackers   before she could sustain critical injuries.

Having recovered, Carlie taught herself karate in the hopes of strengthening herself and impressing her crush. Upon witnessing Carlie's prowess and resolve in martial arts her mother deemed it necessary for her to attend a boarding school in the hopes that she would devote as much energy in her studies as she did obsessing over a boy. 

Consequentially this led to Carlie being the catalyst of many fights throughout her high-school years.  As a result, this forced the school's headmaster to come to a compromise by offering carlie an ultimatum.  "if she could stop fighting for one month she would be trained in karate by a real teacher....After fulfilling her end of the bargain, her craft would be honed by an Ex-Marine who encouraged her to take her knowledge of Ballet and grappling arts and implement these skillsets into her training.

Now a skilled and focused fighter at just sixteen, she received her brown belt and celebrated the milestone with her mother.  However, that very same evening as they headed home a masked thug assaulted her in a parking lot, knocking her into a coma for almost two weeks....Her parents feared the worse for Carlie's mentality as they believed the impact of such a traumatic experience would surely affect her resolve and will to continue. However, her sensei and parents were able to bring Carlie back to training where she would eventually earn her black belt the following year. Within that time she evolved into a far more adept and devoted fighter determined to overcome all obstacles in her way.  Despite of all the adversities she faced, Carlie's number 1 goal was still to impress her childhood crush.