"Maid Of Death"

Origin: Japan


OCCUPATION:    Blue lotus Zaibatsu general/assassin
FIGHTING STYLE:  Dual wielded Tonfa/ Karate

Azumi Kurosawa is one of the high ranking generals in the Blue Lotus Zaibatsu.  Known for her cold, sinister smile and ruthless nature, she has orchestrated countless assassination hits anonymously on rival clans including targets from huge empires such as Red Autumn Inc the newly named House Fukasawa clan.  Her most notable hits would include the Shinjo and the Zhang family massacre.

Azumi Is the second daughter of general Fujita. She was initially raised as a maid, serving the clan tea and performing other catering duties.

Her skillset and cunning were quickly noticed by her father and the other generals allowing her to quickly climb the ranks, thus becoming a worthy assets in the Blue lotus Zaibatsu.